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Trustees` Occupational Union

Trustees` Occupational Union­:

1)      elects, and when needed, calls back the Trustees` Occupational Union board before the deadline

2)      elects two trustees to participate in the audit committee’s work;

3)      elects three trustees to participate in the court of honour’s work;

4)      elects one trustee to participate in the examination board’s work;

5)      establishes the size of the trustees’ membership fee

6)      establishes good traditions of the trustees’ occupation;

7)      gives instructions to equalize trustees’ practice of occupation;

8)      decides other questions asked in the law and in the Chamber’s statutes.


Members of Trustees Occupational Union board are Terje Eipre, Maire Arm, Jüri Truuts.

The list of members of the Trustees´Occupational Union has been published here.