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The Estonian Chamber of Enforcement agents and Trustees in Bankruptcy is legal person in public law which is established on January 1 2010 and acts on Enforcement agents` Law. Members of the Chamber are all who have the right to act as Enforcement agent and Trustees in Bankruptcy.  The highest organs of the Chamber are Enforcement agents` Occupational Union where all the Enforcement agents belong to and Trustees` Occupational Union where all the trustees belong to.


The structure of the Chamber

Enforcement agents’ Occupational Union and Trustees` Occupational Union are the highest bodies of the Chamber. All Enforcement agents belong to Enforcement Agents’ Occupational Union. All trustees belong to Trustees` Occupational Union

Enforcement agents` and Trustees`Occupational Union:

1)      accept the Chamber’s statutes

2)      accept the Chamber’s development plan

3)      confirm the minimum limit of the membership fee

4)      confirm budget year activity report of managing committee

5)      confirm the Chamber’s marketing year’s management report

6)      appoint an auditor